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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Daily Disciplines

What did I do today to build the Kingdom:
  1. Prayed a bit
  2. Met with Pastor Steve about Youth Ministry Models for the future (3 small groups, and 1 large meeting a month)
  3. Contacted by phone: Jeff, Jmac
  4. Contacted by myspace to set up meetings: Chelsea, Aly, (to get the inside scoop on their lives and plug them into Switch ideas) Leah, (to encourage and talk about worship team) Sarah M., (to finally set a meeting to meet) Jessica, (to encourage and set up a meeting with her and Jenn with a couple of her friends to talk about Switch stuff) John (to rescue)
  5. Contacted by myspace to encourage: Austin, Melissa, Amy, Dennis, and a bunch more about Tatango
  6. Complied list of attendance to send to youth staff with action steps of
  • Pursue those who need to be pursued...
  • let be those who need to be...
  • Pray for influencers...
  • Pray Ephesians 4:13-21 over your students with the same passion that Paul prayed with.
  • I'd like to meet with each of you before next Tuesday...give me a call and let's set it up!
  • I'm going to talk to Leah and Sam A about being on the worship crazy is that!?!!
7. Looked at some info on a website app that will connect the students together as seen on