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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

why the how is greater than the what

What I've learned as a churchplanter:
It is easier to agree with the "what-vision" than the "how-vision".

For example, here are some various "what-visions":
  • "Lead your family well"
  • "We need to score a goal"
  • "Let's launch this church with momentum!"
Most everyone would agree and buy-in to these "WHAT" visions.

It's when you get to the "HOW" that people start to bristle.  After saying "YES" to the previous "WHAT VISIONS" they may not like the end of the sentence...
  • What: "Lead your family well"
  • How:  Stop watching 20 hours of television and playing video games like your still an adolescent!"
  • RESPONSE:  "HEY!  That's not being fair..."
  • What:  "We need to score a goal!"
  • How:  "We need you to sit the bench for us to have the best chance of scoring"
  • RESPONSE:  "Hey!  That's not the strategy I was thinking..."
  • What:  "Help us launch this church with momentum!"
  • How:  "Spend every extra hour of your day passing out doorhangers for one week so we can get the word out to 20,000 homes!"
  • RESPONSE:  "Hey!  You're asking too much of me!"
If you want to gather a momentary crowd, spend the majority of the time casting "WHAT" visions.
If you want to create a movement, spend the majority of the time casting "HOW" visions.

If people buy in before the HOW prepare for a wave of disillusionment.
If people buy in after the HOW you've got a movment.

Spend 20% of your time casting "WHAT-vision"
Spend 80% of your time casting "HOW-vision"

The team will be smaller at first if you cast "HOW-vision" because less people will like your "HOW" even if they agree with your "WHAT".  But by clarifying the "HOW" your team will also be more powerful, more capable of reproducing, and result in exponential movement.