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Monday, September 14, 2009

GOALS: Aim + Miss = Success? Yeah, sort of.

Never apologize for setting goals. ever. I'm a goal setter...I aim at targets...and I miss the target most of the time. (all you have to do is look at my new year goals, summertime goals, etc.) Even when I miss the target, I never lose site of the target. I just grab another arrow and aim again.

I'd like to hit the target with more frequency, but for today I'm simply reminding myself and possibly you that the most important thing is staying focused on the target - not hitting it, because if you do stay focused, you will eventually hit it.

Make sure your targets are legit, God-inspired targets...and then keep firing away. Eventually, you'll see the changes come to pass...and as you keep aiming you'll become better at hitting it more often.

Set goals, go for it...regroup, and stick with it.

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KT Stewart said...

That is really encouraging. Thanks bro.