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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I haven't been blogging

I haven't blogged for months, and those that know me well know that I love to express ideas, insights, and thoughts.  Here's the reason for my absence: 

I'm in a season right now of reading more than writing...of listening more than talking.

As we prepare to plant hopecity church, I'd rather be a sponge soaking up wisdom, than a squirt gun spewing out insight.

To those I've been entrusted to lead - there's a lot of leading happening.  A lot of faith, a lot of momentum, and a lot of anticipation.  But in the bloggosphere I'd rather read than write.

The irony is that this will be changing in some ways.  We are developing a hopecity communtiy blog that will update our progress, and share insights we have learned, promote events and families living in SE Portland.

As for this blog - I'll begin to post more about who is influencing me and how, and why they may be valuable to you...and every once in awhile I may post my own thoughts.

In a social media world where there is pressure to get our two-cents in, perhaps its time for voices to quiet down, and ears to open up.

- brian

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