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Friday, August 8, 2008

08-08-08 Things are clickin'

Ok, so I didn't just get back from a month long vacation/sabbatical, despite the fact that I haven't blogged during that time frame. But I figured since it was 08-08-08, it was a cool time to start again...even cooler had I posted this 20 minutes earlier at 8:08am!

I'm taking a few first steps in the next three weeks beginning today as I speak at The Country Church's youth camp in Sisters Oregon. I'm excited to see what God is going to do this weekend in the lives of some hungry students.

That's only the beginning! I'll be speaking 10 times in the the next 9 days! After this camp, I'll drive home just in time for our Sunday service, preach Tuesday night at Switch, and then head to my next camp for New Life Church in Walla Walla WA. I'll drive home Sunday morning at 5am, go to our church, and then load up the car to go to our camp in Auburn WA, where we are anticipating a miraculous week with Banning Liebscher from Bethel Church in Redding California.

My mouth won't be the only thing running in the next 10 legs are going to join the party as well! I have three 20 mile runs to do on back-to-back-to-back Saturdays, and in the next 10 days I'll log about 100 or so miles as I continue to prepare for the Portland Marathon!

Whew! But you know what? I wouldn't want it any other way - I love being active and being involved in The Kingdom! Pray for me when you think of me!

Moving towards the light,

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Anonymous said...

Saw you comment on Batterson's Blog and thought I'd toss a few ideas out there. Sorry if you already knew about these.

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