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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Camp 08: CHANGE (Monday Night)

Hey everyone,

We just wrapped up the first night of camp which was amazing. Banning Liebscher spoke about receiving the love of God. Too often we know in our heads that God loves us, but it's not until we regularly experience God's love in a overwhelmingly clear way that we can truly be passionate for Him. Here are a few notes I wrote down:

There is a passion being released that overrides personality

Steve Erwin (Crocodile Hunter)...we could care less about the crocs and snakes - it's his passion that made us want to watch.

To have a sustained & increasing passion for God requires us to stay in a place of fresh revelation of the love of God

We must make a decision to not be distracted from the millions of options we have in this culture and stop and say "God come love on me" otherwise our passion will dwindle.

There is something powerful about choosing God in the midst of many options.

Our life should be lived by saying a HUGE "YES" for Jesus...not CONSTANT "NO's" to the devil.
When I have a Huge "Yes" in my heart for my wife, I don't have to go around screaming "NO" to every woman that passes by because my YES has settled the controversy.


Can't wait for tomorrow...I'm speaking to the college age students, and then we're going to have a blast in the afternoon and more Banning tomorrow night!

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