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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween = Jimmy Swaggart Mini Me

What you are about to hear is true.

Growing up as a Christian kid in a Christian Elementary School, Halloween always meant "Harvest Party", which is pretty funny (and horrible) because we did everything everyone else did on Halloween, except that it was basically for Christians only.

At our harvest party, we were only allowed to dress up as either 1) a Farmer, 2) a Bible character, or 3) a Christian role model. Well, preaching must have run in my veins, and somehow I caught wind of Jimmy Swaggart on the boob tube, and decided I wanted to be him for Party, and so my mom put me in my little three piece suit and clip on tie, slicked my hair over, opened up my Bible to John 3:16, placed in my hand, and Wah-La! Jimmy goes to school!

Well, I did that for two years straight - loved every minute of it, and saw no reason to not do it a third year in a row, when my parents approached me and let me know that I should be someone different that year. I just couldn't figure out why! And the rest is history.

Happy Halloween everyone - if you have kids - use this as an opportunity to introduce yourself to your neighbors and begin relationships with them...after all when else is it "normal" these days to knock on a door, and be greeted with a smile!

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