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Friday, January 9, 2009

FIFTY-TWO FRIDAYS: Date # 1 of 52 in 2009 with Jenn

One of my New Year Goals is to take Jenn out on a planned date each week of '09. It doesn't have to cost much or anything, but it needs to be thought out and planned. Today was date #1!

We started out by going furniture shopping. Thanks to the grandma-ma and my parents we received a Christmas surprise with a check to buy furniture. So we mapped out our living room and went furniture shopping. We had already ordered our couch and loveseat and then went to Crate & Barrel in hopes to find a rug to go with it. We found a great deal and ended up with a 9x12 rug to go in our living room. We then drove up 217 to Ethan Allen, but didn't like anything there (at least that we could afford) and then went to Skyline Restaurant, which I found through Citysearch which is was awarded "best burger in Portland". Google maps took us on a real strange route - we ended up driving up Brynwood Lane, which is just about the most narrow, steep drive that I've ever been on, but we eventually got there - and laughed when we did. Skyline was built in the 50's and hasn't been upgraded since then...but the burgers didn't disappoint. We had two burgers (although I only ate half since mine was three times the size of Jenn's regular hamburger) and shared a milkshake. Jenn and I had a blast. We then headed back to the Eastside and watched the ever so romantic movie "Valkaryie" (insert sarcasm here). I offered to go to a chick-flick, but Jenn assured me it was a shared choice. Jenn and I had a great day, and I can't wait to plan the next one!

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