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Sunday, January 4, 2009


I never thought I'd want the holidays and snow to go away, but this is getting ridiculous. Every Sunday night Jenn and I meet with the students of Family Bible Church, but for the last three weeks we've either had bad weather or a holiday break to keep us from meeting. So, I was all pumped up to see everyone again tonight, but JUST NOW THE SNOW STARTED FALLING...AGAIN...and in Camas it's supposed to be ice and snow up in the hills, so service got canceled again. So, in my state of depression, I've created a video blog song...feel free to comment on my amazing SKILZ... video


JeremyRBennett said...

nice dude. seriously. reeeaaaalllyyyy nice. and you know what? I understood it! I really felt the message you were trying to convey. They way those lyrics flowed through my speakers and into my heart was amazing. I really felt the sadness, and how the weather was bad. really bad. reallly reallly sad sad sad. love you brother

TerryT said...
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TerryT said...

Hey Brian! Sorry to hear the weather ruined your plans. But in retrospect, you never would have created that song. Hats off to you! While we were growing up I always felt you were a positive, peaceful, and especially funny friend. I wish you all the best and will let you know when I'm in the Portland area.