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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby Prayers: Week Seven

Our baby's growth spurt is officially beginning, though it's not something you can see or feel. At the start of the week your baby measures between 0.16" to 0.2" (4 to 5 mm), but by the end of the week he or she can be half an inch (1.3 cm) long! Our baby's heart is growing larger — from all of our love — creating a small bulge on his or her tiny body. The right and left chambers of the heart begin to form, along with air passages to the lungs. Although your baby's eyes and nose are still on this side of his or her head, they are beginning to develop. The brain is also starting to partition itself into chambers. While the appendix is already in place, the intestines remain partly in the umbilical cord, and won't ascend into your baby's abdomen for a few more weeks. Tiny buds that will become legs begin to form, and the arm buds begin growing. These are already dividing into two sections — one that will form the hand and another that will form the arm and shoulder.

Heart is growing
Eyes beginning to develop
Brain is starting to partition itself into chambers
Legs & Arms begin to shape as buds

Father, thank you so much for our baby. Thank you so much for answering our prayers. One of the happiest days of my life happened on Monday when we saw the ultra sound and a little heart beat in our baby. I continue to come to You and ask for You to be the God of our baby. I ask for your protection as the heart continues to grow. May the heart be strong and whole. Father I ask for your guidance as the Brain begins to take shape and partition itself into chambers. You are the God who gives us a sound mind. I ask for our baby's mind to be complete and sound. As the arms and legs begin to shape and hands, arms and shoulders begin to grow, I ask for wholeness, and completeness - that our baby would take shape according to your original design. I love You Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are my God, and I put my trust in You. I love You. Love Brian

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