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Monday, June 15, 2009

Summertime Goals: UPDATE

Ok, two weeks in to my summertime goals, and it's time to reflect and reassess. I've got good news, and I've got bad news.

The good news is that at two weeks in I'm actively pursuing growth in the "health" and "spiritual" focal points.
  • I've joined Weight Watchers, and have truly kept to the program...My second weigh in will be today, so I'll see how much weight I've lost after one week. [UPDATE: I lost two pounds!] The program is really helping me stay focused on what is important to me which is healthy living. It allows me to eat anything (like the Papa Murphy's Cowboy Pizza I had Saturday night), but forces me to put it all in perspective and stay within healthy boundaries. I like it.
  • My marathon training is in full swing, and after my 14 mile run on Saturday, I'm really getting back in the groove.
  • I've been reading the Bible like crazy, and it's been a joy to really feed my spirit in the Word and choose to read rather than other less important things.
The bad news is that I haven't "met" all the standards I set two weeks ago
  • I didn't purchase the P90X. I thought I had it purchased via Craigslist but it fell through. After looking at my summer schedule, I just don't know how I can follow the "hour a day, everyday" requirement AND be gone for weeks at a time (dreamcenter, vacation, summer camp, etc.) AND continue to get all my miles in for marathon training. So, I'm going to let that goal go and start the P90X in the Fall.
  • Despite my huge increase in Bible reading, I missed a couple days and that puts me over 30 chapters behind! Wow! But thankfully I missed the latter half of Numbers and the first part of Deuteronomy, so I'm just picking up where I should be, and will try and get those chapters in on vacation.
I'll set some other goals later this week that will have to do with date nights, marriage & parenting books, and other "family" related goals. I really am looking forward to growing in my marriage with Jenn this summer.

Stay tuned!

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