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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections

  • Super tired after a busy but great week
  • Saturday was a 14 mile run, a wedding and reception, and then final sermon prep for Sunday
  • Sunday was filled with preaching twice on two campuses, a DreamCenter missions trip meeting in Vancouver (at another church), and then directly going to the BBQ and Baptisms on Broughton Beach.
  • Chris and Chrissy's wedding was fantastic. So great to see two people who love Jesus so much, who have both been through so much, end up having a beautiful day yesterday...with many more to come.
  • Camas worship team hit a home run - I think we could have kept going...there is some legit stuff happening in that team! The people from the Northside our such encouragers! Really makes it easy to preach.
  • I had to laugh a bit when I saw our Portland worship team...missing three key musicians today, but they did great. Attendance seemed to be up, and everyone seemed engaged in the message.
  • I had lots of fun preaching the "Summer of '09: Fresh Breath" message today. Handing out Mentos was pretty fun too.
  • Despite the "fun" of preaching, I truly believe that a significant summer awaits us if we truly grab hold of what God is wanting to do in these next three months - not just in the overall church, but in individual lives and marriages as well.
  • Sam Bickle and Chris Stewart are probably the most valuable people in our church...I'm amazed at the time and work they exert to make each service happen.
  • So many volunteers do so many things that are never recognized. I'm so greatful for everyone's willingness to serve and carry the vision.
  • I enjoyed personally meeting three or four new families in church today. We seemed to genuinely "click".
  • Saw one person decide to become a "Christ Follower" today...that never gets old!
  • Baptized three people in the Columbia river in the afternoon...I LOVE THAT STUFF. And not only that but we had a handful of people share their own "Jesus encounter" stories which was a wonderful testimony to the unchurched families who were there to support their kids being baptized. (Thanks Matt, Jason, Greg, Anna, and Katie!)
  • The only bummer about this weekend was how little I saw Jenn and my baby girl. Dancing with them at the wedding was great, but now I'm looking forward to spending some extra special time with them both this week before I head to L.A. next weekend...any suggestions for a special date?
  • ok, that's it...veg time!

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matt molt said...

You are an amazing man, beyond your current scope. I love your emphasis for the summer: I think that is not only good strategy as a pastor, but truly something that we need to take advantage of. Summer is a great season for us to do some personal growth and reflection, and target areas that otherwise get overlooked in the routine-ness of the school year.