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Monday, December 8, 2008

Fatbusters Update: Week Three

Well, this week was certainly better than Thanksgiving week that is for sure! I didn't run at all except for 8 miles last Monday - but I was non-stop busy with house projects with all of my free time and that probably burned some calories. I put trim in the babies room, helped paint the baby's room, rearranged the family room, installed a new cable box from the attic in the family room, filled in the trenches of our sprinkler system in the front yard, got a wild Christmas tree up on Mt. Hood, a u-cut tree from Marten's Tree Farm, put Christmas lights on the house and have the first 500 lights on the mountain tree in the living room. Whew!

Bottom Line: Weigh in on Monday morning: 190 pounds. I lost a few pounds this week...pretty good...I'll take it - but I've got to keep pushing it a bit, since I wanted to be at 188 this week.

I ran four miles this morning, and plan on running again tonight - and hopefully will get 25-30 miles in this week.

Lessons learned (again)...
  • be accountable to yourself by tracking what you eat
  • learn what foods do the most damage so you can avoid them
  • talk to people about it (like blogging) or like the conversation I had with Bob Bennett this week (Hey bob!). Talking about it always keeps you motivated and on track!
  • avoid diets if you can like Atkins, South Beach, you really think you'll do that for the rest of your life....nope. Just change your lifestyle and let the weight come off slowly but healthily!

Peace out

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