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Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow has us homebound...Services canceled...what's a pastor to do?

Here in Portland OR we view snow a bit differently than most, because it rarely falls over here over an inch. One inch will give us 24 hour news coverage...6 inches will give us weather identities such as "ARTIC BLAST 2008" (say that in a Monster Truck commercial you know what I mean)...and anything over a foot of snow will give us a State of Emergency address by the Mayor. Now that snow levels are reaching 14" the city has shut down...highways are being closed, and people are asked to stay in their homes.

This greatly affected area churches over the weekend including ours. Services were canceled, Christmas programs were put on hold, and ministries, outreaches, and operational costs that needed funding were left empty since no one could give.

Yikes! So here I am on a Monday morning, and I can't get out of my house. I live on a dead end street, which has acted more like a wind tunnel, funneling all the snow to the end...and since our house is the last one on the street we have been forced to welcome the drifts to park in our yard...and they're not even paying us rent!

So, I have a couple options...bust out the movie collection and sit on my blessed assurance all day, or be productive and connect with as many people as possible - pastoring from home. I'm going to choose the latter - although the accountability of posting it in a blog helps me get motivated!

One day of chillin' is cool...but we're going onwards of a week now. Gotta make my day count! Peace out everyone. Stay warm!


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