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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

God wants to rock your world(view). Jesus vs. Santa

You once believed in Santa right? I sure did. But then I grew up. I realized that Santa was just a fun, comforting, made-up character that fulfilled childish fun. He served his purpose (and still does), but it's not like I still believe...I'm smarter than that.

You once believed in Jesus right? Maybe. Maybe not. I sure did. But then I grew up...And I still believe...even though I have grown up. Even though it's no longer popular...I'm smarter than that. It's easier in our culture to have a popular humanistic worldview that promotes a view of , "to each his own", "what's right for me may or may not be right for you".

So...what's more believe in Jesus and hold steadfast to faith in the Bible and God's plans for our lives, or to do whatever you want to do because you don't want anyone telling you what to do with your life. Hmmm...

I know that "religion" has screwed up a lot and distorted the reality of Jesus - but regardless of what others have done, you get to choose who and what you follow. And I choose Jesus, not because I "feel" like it. But because He is the Son of God. He is truth. Truth is not truth because I believe it. (I can "believe" that a million dollars is in my wallet, but that doesn't mean it's truth - it's just what I believe). Truth is truth because it's truth - and it's my responsibility to follow truth regardless of my preferences, because in the end Truth prevails.

Let God rock your world(view) this Christmas season. Because Jesus isn't like Santa.

Don't you owe it to your (responsible, mature) self to investigate the answer? Wouldn't it be a thoughtful and reasonable act to figure out if your life is on the right path? Here are a couple non-invasive books that I'd recommend anyone to read - especially mature, reasonable, adults - that don't believe in santa. I really like this one, and this one.

Merry Christmas,

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