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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hear No Evil, See No Evil...That's STUPID TALK

I'm going to rant.

I'm so sick of Christians avoiding "evil" as if it's what Jesus did. By the way many Christians act you'd think that if Jesus were walking the earth today he'd be attending five youth groups, hang with Christian friends 24/7, watch Christian television, and listen to Christian music ALL WHILE avoiding the darkness that this world is in.

Jesus didn't hop from one Christian enviornment to the next...he brought LIGHT INTO DARK PLACES...but so many Christians are busy with Christian pop culture, they don't have time to bring JesusJustice to the world around them.

We need to HEAR evil.
We need to SEE evil.
(but go ahead and don't SPEAK evil).

If we're blind to the darkness, the evil, the injustice...if we don't hear the cries of the lost and broken...we'll live ignorant Christian lives and do nothing but satisfy our churchy itch by staying in our blinded Christian subculture.

Go LOOK at it
Go LISTEN to it.
Surround yourself in the darkness


ok...I'm done...till next time.

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