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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now that I'm loaded...we're having another girl!

We're having another girl! Please welcome Bikki Ajabrao Jangade to the Becker family - our Compassion International sponsored child! After thinking about it off and on for about six months, my wife and I finally moved to action today and got involved with global justice with our sponsorship. After realizing yesterday how loaded I was, I had to make some drastic decisions about how we were spending our money, and sponsoring Bikki was the result.

I must admit - the fact that we watched Slumdog Millionaire the day before Elliana was born, and saw the Indian slums on the big screen really affected our choice. But without Pete Wilson - one of our favorite bloggers, we probably would have never been moved to action.

"The more I learn about Compassion and the work they do the more impressed I am. Compassion International is three things: church-based, child-focused and Christ-centered." - Pete Wilson

I'm loaded, and you are too. Please consider doing something eternal with your money!

much love

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pete wilson said...

Dude, I'm so grateful. You have no idea the difference you're going to make in this girls life!!