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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We don't apologize to be advocates for Twitter in our youth ministry. It's such a great way to stay connected throughout the week and establish a sense of unity. Here are tweet peeps you can follow:

text "follow (name in bold)" to 40404

Me: brianbecker

Jenn: Jennbecker

Chanell Magee:
Aly Applegate:
Sam Bickel:
Denis Fureyster:
Vlad Fureyster: VladF1

Jessica Strang: Jessicastrang

Ryan Earls: RyanEarls

Kristen Bickel: jonasfan2526

Jeremy Bennett: jeremyrbennett

Makayla Flowers: Makayla2

Cameron Whitman: CamWhitman
Zach Whitman: Cablinasian

Kristi Stricker: KRISTI36

Mateo Strang: Mattstrang

Donny Bickel: BonnyBickel

Nick Robinson: NickRobinson2

Jonathan Robinson: Jonathan104

Dusty Lomeland: DLomelandLimp
Jason McAnally: jmacswitch

Chrissy Christenson: ChrissyRoseC

Katie Stewart: KTStew

Samantha Howe: samanthahowe

Anna Konstantinova: annacaptivates

To understand how Twitter works, you can go to their website, or you can watch this fun youtube video. Bottom line - GET CONNECTED!

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