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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Part Two: How to have Godly Influence in a Dark World

It's absolutely ridiculous that so many Christians have absolutely ZERO influence/light in a dark world that so desperately needs the love, forgiveness, and salvation of God. We can't run FROM the darkness - we must run INTO the darkness and shine. We're God's "PLAN A" for this, and there is no "PLAN B". It's up to us. how can we shine? How can we have influence?

2. Take your current work/neighbor/play relationships to the next level.

For example - the guys and girls you work with each and every day - stop just working with them - stop just talking sports with them...take it to the next level and begin to have God conversations with them (without preaching AT them). Have them over for dinner, go out to lunch, ask them their story - where did they grow up, what was life like, etc. and start giving them the genuine interest they deserve, and allow God to cultivate trust.'

3. (Tomorrow) Do things you are already doing - but do it with non-Christians instead, and gain their trust through your example and time spent with them.

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