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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Post, post, post, post marathon run

Hey everyone,

What a crazy month it was in October. Some of it is top-secret, but most of you know that...
  1. I ran the Portland marathon the first Sunday in October, finished around 4:04 (PR by 5 min)
  2. I started helping out a church in Camas WA make some leadership transitions and will do so for the next six months
  3. My father-in-law's dad died after a long bout with kidney failure - we were gone last weekend
  4. Besides our youth services, I'm preaching three straight Sunday mornings and led a couple Wednesday night prayer services, to fill in for Pastor Steve
  5. Jennifer went into emergency surgery this week to prevent pre-term birth of our baby girl who should be born in late Feb.
So...that means that I didn't run in...three times in the last month! After averaging about 30-50 miles a week, I ran 17 miles total in the last 30 days! The problem is that I've been eating like a marathon runner, so let's just say it's been baggy jean month as well...ugh!

Well, I got out today and ran 6.5 miles in the rain with Dusty and it was great (except for the side ache, and the running part). Anyways, I'm excited to get back into the healthy groove BEFORE the holidays get here! I'm not going back to the 293.5 pound guy I used to be 8 years ago, that's for sure!!!

Health is a huge thing - and a biblical thing as well. God designed you to be healthy - it affects your confidence, your energy, your ability, and your stability in life. If you need a boost, go check out and start living healthy again. You'll never regret it!

P.S. Have you seen the videoshoot I did with Brooks Running Co. yet? Hopefully this isn't my 15 minutes of fame, but it was fun. You can check it here!

Peace and love

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Anonymous said...

great blog. You are a real inspiration man. i'm adding you to my blog roll.