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Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Rewind

Wow, what an amazing week and weekend. It's so hard to fathom that our baby was so close to being born (four months early) this week. The neo-natologist gave our baby a 45% chance of surviving and even if she did survive he said she had a 75% of having moderate to extreme neurological damage, which basically means everything from deaf, blind, unable to breathe on her own, etc. And would have had to stay in the hospital for four more months before coming home.

And then, 48 hours after all that - Jenn and I are at home watching a movie practically like nothing ever happened. God is so good, and we are so thankful. Of course God is so good regardless of our circumstances, but we feel so blessed for everything to have gone so well with Jenn's surgery.

Here are some other great things that happened this weekend:

  • a bunch of girls came over and cleaned our house....TWICE, so that we wouldn't have to.
  • three families brought us dinner Fri-Sun nights....mmmm.....
  • a friend came over and primered the door jams in our house so that the trim project could finally be finished.
  • I found a great new cafe called Delirium in Gresham, and studied there (and blogged) for 3 hours on Saturday
  • Preached my third straight Sunday...this time as a guest speaker at Family Bible Church. They were very loving and accepting. We all believe it's time to get Dangerous!
  • Hung out at friends' house to watch football after the service and let Jenn rest.
  • Went back to Camas to cast some vision for the youth of Family Bible Church. Had a great time with them.
  • Got home at 9:30pm - making it a 13 hour day. Whew!
  • Went straight to bed!
I was able to apply every verse of Matt Redman's song "Blessed Be Your Name" this past week. Am so thankful that our baby is safe!

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